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Safe Working Practices

What are safe working practices?

You need to work safely to protect yourself and others. Here are examples of safe work practices on a Racing worksite:

  • Not taking any unnecessary risks
  • Always looking out for potential hazards
  • Always using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and clothing
  • If you must smoke, doing so only in designated areas and especially not around horses
  • Keeping your work area clean and tidy
  • Using plant, tools and equipment that are in safe working order in the way the manufacturer has instructed
  • Entering and leaving the workplace using proper routes
  • Never being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work, or bringing them to the workplace
  • Helping to prevent bullying and harassment.

The PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) should provide you with information about safe systems or work. This means information about the workplace itself (boundaries, entry and exit points, location of hazards and first aid equipment, how to move about safely, emergency exits, etc).

You will also need to know about:

  • Procedures for handling and disposing of materials and waste (especially if it is hazardous)
  • How to access amenities such as drinking water and toilets
  • Other safety systems, methods and procedures which will help you to work safely (such as limiting site disturbance and waste).
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