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First Aid

First Aid

Who is responsible for first aid?

The Persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs), or Racehorse Trainers, have a legal obligation to provide first aid equipment and a trained first aider at your workplace. Only people who have received first aid training, and are currently certified (or qualified) to provide occupational first aid can actually give first aid.

A medical practitioner or registered nurse is also qualified to give first aid.

A qualified first aider must be appointed to be in charge of the first aid kit and where there is one, the first aid room. They must first be accessible to workers and ready to give first aid when necessary.

Workers must have access to trained first aiders at all times. A notice stating the name, contact number and work location of the first aider must be readily visible in your workplace. You should also have access to a first aid plan. It will tell you who to contract for first aid assistance, what their role is, and where to go for first aid help.

To find out more about what first aid kits are available and what they should always contain, visit St Johns Ambulance Australia by visiting or call 1300 360 455.

The location of the First Aid Kit needs to be clearly marked by an approved and recognised sign. Other first aid requirements at work might include Defibrillators, Resuscitators and Resuscitation Kits. These can only be operated by people trained to do so.

All licensed Race Meetings and Trail Meetings in NSW are conducted with a NSW Ambulance on course at all times.

All licensed Race Clubs in NSW should also be staffed with a qualified First Aid Officer.

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