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Race Time Information – October 2020

The following information is provided to better enable racegoers to plan their visits to race meetings. Please note that the official race times and race order is finalised and published following acceptances, approximately two working days prior to each race meeting.

Metropolitan Saturday Meetings

21 November 2020 – Kembla Grange (The Gong)- Nine Races

First Race 1.00pm
Race 8 5.25pm
Final Race (No.9) 6.00pm

28 November 2020 – Rosehill Gardens- Nine Races

First Race 1.15pm
Race 8 5.40pm
Final Race (No.9) 6.15pm

Country Feature Meetings

5 December 2020 – Rosehill Gardens- Nine Races

First Race 1.10pm
Race 8 5.30pm
Final Race (No.9) 6.10pm

Country Feature Meetings

Sunday 22 November 2020 – Queanbeyan Cup 8 Races

First Race 12.55pm
Race 7 4.39pm
Final Race (No.8) 5.15pm

Sunday 4 December 2020 – Mudgee Cup 8 Races

First Race 1.04pm
Race 7 4.44pm
Final Race (No.8) 5.24pm

Provincial Weekend Meetings

Saturday 21 November 2020 Gosford - 8 Races

First Race 12.84pm
Race 7 5.31pm
Final Race (No.8) 5.11pm

Saturday 28 November 2020 Kembla Grange - 8 Races

First Race 12.39pm
Race 7 5.36pm
Final Race (No.8) 5.16pm


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