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Race Fees and Charges
Race Fees and Charges


Standard Race Fees

Unless stated otherwise in the conditions of the race, all fees areas follows:-

Nomination Fees: Including GST
Nomination Trial Metropolitan ($): 272.50
Nomination Trial Provincial ($): 230
Nomination Trial Country Race Day ($): 170
Nomination Trial Country Non Race Day ($): 210
Nomination Trial ACT Race Day ($): 187
Nomination Trial ACT Non Race Day ($): 187
Nomination Trial Picnic ($): 104.50
Nomination Trial Metropolitan Pro Ride($): 215
Non Acceptance Fees:
Non Acceptance Metropolitan ($): 120
Non Acceptance Country ($): 30
Non Acceptance ACT ($): 33
Non Acceptance Provincial ($): 33
Non Acceptance Picnic ($): 22
Scratching Fees:
Scratching Trial Country Non Race Day ($): 55
Scratching Trial Country Race Day ($): 55
Scratching Trial ACT Non Race Day ($): 33
Scratching Trial ACT Race Day ($): 22
Scratching Metropolitan NRD ($): 110
Scratching Metropolitan RD ($): 362.15
Scratching Provincial NRD ($): 110
Scratching Provincial RD ($): 350
Scratching Country NRD ($): 90
Scratching Country RD ($): 231
Scratching ACT NRD ($): 99
Scratching ACT RD ($): 275
Scratching Picnic NRD ($): 44
Scratching Picnic RD ($): 100
Workers Compensation Charges:
Metropolitan ($): 73.32
Provincial ($): 53.76
Country ($): 27.87
ACT ($): 27.87
Picnic ($): 17.90
Metropolitan Trial ($): 136.81
Provincial Trial ($): 97.73
Country Trial ($): 48.99
ACT Trial ($): 48.99
Picnic Trial ($): 29.75
Trainer Public Liability Charges:
Fee ($): 1.54
Trial Fee ($): 1.54

"RD" – Rider Declared,
"NRD" – Non Rider Declared
Vet Certificate submitted within the provided time frame waives scratching fees, with the exception of metropolitan races where a rider has been declared. In this instance a Vet Certificate will result in the scratching fee being reduced to $252.15.

Further, no scratching fee will be applicable if a trainer can show the stewards that the horse’s performance will be affected by the state of the track. For example, if a horse has a poor record on an heavy surface and the stewards are satisfied, the horse can be scratched with no financial penalty.

Unless otherwise authorised by the Board, any horse that arrives on course and is a late scratching shall have the riding/scratching fees met by the club concerned. An application from a Club to waive their responsibility for the fees under this clause would require supporting evidence from the Stewards.

Vet certificates must be lodged with the Stewards within 48 hours of scratching the horse.

Standardised Closing Times


N.B. Days and times may vary for Feature races and/or race meetings, or where Public Holidays will have an effect. Scratching time deadline 7.30 am raceday or 10 am for night meetings

Meeting Day Nominations Weights Acceptances Riders
FRIDAY 11am Monday 4pm Tuesday 9am Wednesday Noon Wednesday
SATURDAY 11am Monday 4pm Tuesday 9am Thursday Noon Thursday
SUNDAY 11am Tuesday 4pm Wednesday 9am Thursday Noon Thursday
MONDAY 11am Tuesday 4pm Wednesday 9am Thursday Noon Thursday
TUESDAY 11am Wednesday 4pm Thursday 9am Friday Noon Friday
WEDNESDAY 11am Thursday 4pm Friday 9am Monday Noon Monday
THURSDAY 11am Friday 4pm Monday 9am Tuesday Noon Tuesday


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