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Looking for a name for your horse? Use our online horse name/owner search facility to see if the name you are thinking of is already taken. If it is, the "Available" column tells you in what year that name will become available again - the name will be available from the 1st of August in the year shown. Please note that this is an inquiry system only. No guarantee for the availability of names is provided and each name must still be approved by the Registrar of Racehorses. 

Looking for the owners/lessees of a horse? When you have identified the horse you are looking for the names of the owners/lessees will be listed in the "Owners/Lessees" column. Registered syndicates are highlighted; click on the syndicate name to reveal the members of the syndicate. 

Please note our owner records are not updated once a horse retires from racing. 

*Names are available for registration from the 1st of August in the year shown

*Please note - For detailed Horse form and video replays click here >>>>   

*Horse race syndicators / promoters please note contact Racing Australia directly on the below details should you experience any search issues.

Racing Australia Service Centre -  Phone(Australia) 1800 138 704 Email:

Otherwise continue with your Horse name availability search below.

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