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Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and Alcohol

It is not permitted to work whilst under the influence of prohibited drugs and/or alcohol. It is always a requirement to advise your Racing Employer if you are taking medication which may affect your ability to work.

Workers are responsible for:

  • Ensuring their behaviour does not affect job performance or endanger their own safety or the safety of any other person.
  • Ensuring they are not intoxicated by drug or alcohol use during working hours and after hours whilst on Club premises.
  • Ensuring they are fit for duty and to meet established standards for job performance, conduct and safety.
  • Reporting to their supervisor or the Manager if there are concerns about working with another worker because of possible increased risk to health and safety from the use of non-prescription drugs or alcohol consumption.

Before any medication is taken, care must be taken to ensure that the relevant medication does not contravene Rule of Racing AR 137 (1).

Racing NSW recommends you provide your Doctor a list of the banned substances at the appropriate time.

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