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Lightning Safety Plan


Lightning Safety PlanAll Race Clubs should carefully consider the issue of lightning protection on racecourses and implement policies to promote the safety of employees, contractors, participants and spectators. In order to assist clubs with this process, Racing NSW has prepared the following two documents:

  • A "Lightning Safety Procedures" document which details issues such as the 30/30 rule, arrangements for the suspension & resumption of activity, safe/unsafe locations to seek cover, responsibilities, first aid and other lightning protection measures. It has already been sent to all NSW Race Clubs but may be downloaded by clicking on the following link - Lightning Safety Procedures
  • A one page summary of these procedures, potentially suitable for use as a pro-forma notice to be placed in all work & public areas. However, this is a generic document and clubs should therefore modify the contents where necessary, including insertion of more specific information relevant to your racecourse if appropriate (eg. location & description of safe shelter areas). Again, this summary has already been forwarded to clubs but may again be downloaded by clicking on the following link - Lightning Safety Poster

As noted in the Lightning Safety Procedures document, clubs should also carefully consider supplementary measures to provide enhanced lightning protection. These measures include:

  • ensuring that all freestanding structures, such as surveillance towers, satisfy relevant statutory standards in relation to lightning protection (eg. earthing systems);
  • installation of an Electrical Storm Identification Device. Lightning Warning Systems are local warning instruments designed to provide early warning of an approaching storm front which may contain electrical discharges, delivering a warning/alert once such activity has been detected.
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