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ARID - Injury & Incident Reporting

Australian Racing Incident Database (ARID)

The Australian Horse Racing Industry strives to make the sport as safe as possible for all involved, both people and the horses. To meet this aim, a national database of racing incidents (events which either cause injury or risk causing injury) for horses and people at race tracks has been established.

Data collected is used to assess the levels of injuries suffered by different groups, and identify and address risk factors for injuries.

The development of the ARID system was funded by the Rural Industries Research and Development Coorporation (RIRDC) and completed in 2004. It was intended that this system will ultimately be integrated into other Australian racing industry databases, which will allow automated linkage of injury data to a wide range of risk factor data relating to horses, trainers, jockeys and tracks.

Under the RIRDC research project, alternative data entry systems using fax submission and automated recognition of form contents were researched. These systems were found to be feasible for use in a fully operational integrated system (with appropriate data quality checking systems).

As the next step, the National Jockey Safety Committee has now progressed the ARID system to the stage of integrating it with a national racing system. The initiative fits under the recommendations of the National Jockey safety group, and is part funded by the RIRDC organisation in a grant obtained by Racing NSW on behalf of the group. The work was ready for testing in late 2008, and released early 2009.

Data collection forms were modified and distributed by Racing NSW to Stewards for the collection of data in early 2007. Information from these forms has now been retrospectively entered into the database. Forms are available for downloading below; an information sheet is also attached. Forms can be completed and forwarded to Racing NSW stewards for collation.

Since the release of the software program, Racing NSW has been through the process of notifying and providing forms and report packs to Raceclubs to capture additional track information via Track Supervisors. Collation of the data is undertaken by the Racing NSW Stewards Department.

In relation to the reporting of horse injury, the forms are available by contacting Racing NSW Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Toby Koenig (details below).

Any general enquiries can be directed to Keith Bulloch at Racing NSW


Person injury forms

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Racing NSW Stewards
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Horse injury forms

Dr Peter Curl BVSc (Hon I) MRCVS V8245
Chief Veterinary Officer
Ph: (02) 9551 7500
Fax: (02) 9551 7551


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