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Why Work at Racing NSW

Want to work at Racing NSW? Dependent on the role, consideration is given to:

Personal Presentation, Communication and Ethics

Excellent personal presentation, the ability to communicate well with people at all levels and high personal ethics are sought.

Computer Skills

Successful applicants are usually highly proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel and have a good administrative background.


For roles such as stewards, the desire and ability to work rosters including weekends; and the willingness to do a traineeship in Sydney, before working in country NSW and later returning to the metropolitan panel as opportunities present themselves.

Knowledge of Horses and Further Education

Short horse management courses (Statement of Attainment/Certificate II, etc) are offered and through these work experience programs. Short horse management courses (Statement of Attainment/Certificate II, etc) are offered by Approved Racing NSW Training Providers and through these work experience programs.

Tertiary Education

Horse, equine and or legal studies such as a horse management degree from Charles Sturt University at Wagga Wagga or a Diploma course from Marcus Oldham College. A newly accredited course specifically for Stewards, is also now being trialled, however this is restricted to those currently employed as Stewards.

Work Experience

Work experience, within a race club and or office administration. Enrolment through an accredited course is required, due to insurance requirements for work experience candidates.

Career Background

A cross section of experience is considered including legal and racing industry experience.

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