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Horse Trainer

You plan, manage and undertake the care, training and racing of thoroughbred horses. You manage staff and communicate with owners, racing officials, stablehands/strappers, track riders, jockeys, farriers and veterinary surgeons. You run your own business; your clients are the thoroughbred owners.

Personal Qualities

You have excellent practical horse skills and related theoretical knowledge. You keep up to date with racing industry related matters.

You have a good knowledge of the racing industry and enjoy working with horses and a diverse range of people. You are capable of working with a number of different horses and supervising staff. You have excellent communication skills, are computer literate and have some business management skills.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Certificate IV in Racing (Thoroughbred Owner Trainer) - available at Racing NSW' training partnership with TAFE NSW known as AREA (Australian Racing and Equine Academy) following completion of Certificate III (Advanced Stablehand) or Certificate III (Track Rider).

A number of years of practical experience (as a stablehand/strapper/stable manager/track rider/jockey) in the racing industry are necessary to develop the skills to become a competent and successful trainer.


In NSW there are approximately 900 public trainers and 100 owner/trainers state-wide. Racehorse owners pay a daily rate to the trainer, to maintain a horse in training. Trainers also receive a percentage of prize money. Income is variable depending on the number of horses in training and the site of the racing stables. Horse training is like any other business, success depends not only on the trainer's horse training skills, but also on their business management expertise.

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