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Induction Package for New Workers in the Racing Industry- "Off and Racing"

This is a package of resources that aims to inform new workers in the racing industry about important aspects of the industry and about relevant legislation that directly affects them. It will also help to identify any new workers who need assistance with basic skills.

The Induction Package was developed with funding assistance from the Industry Skills Program, an initiative of the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET). Racing NSW acknowledges the assistance of DET and approximately $28,000 in funding.

The Racing NSW Training department has collaborated with a large number of racing industry participants and education consultants to ensure that the new resources are appropriate and will assist in improving entry level knowledge of new racing industry workers.

The Induction Package will not take the place of structured training, but will highlight to the new worker the importance of training and encourage them to enrol in the current racing industry training programs.

The primary aims of the resource package are to

  • Improve the knowledge of new workers in relation to key aspects of racing industry and relevant workplace legislation
  • And to identify those with basic skills needs.


"Off and Racing" has three components, these include a booklet, an assessment kit and video "Off and Racing"

The booklet "Off and Racing" will be received by all new workers as part of their induction procedure. It will introduce them to some important aspects of working in the industry and contain contact details so that they can find out more information.

The video "Off and Racing" is a 14 minute video with similar content to the booklet. It features apprentice jockeys, stable-hands and a stable manager. It will be part of the Induction Procedure used to get across important information.

The package also includes a Start Up Assessment Kit which is part of the Induction Procedure to gather more information about new workers' numeracy and literacy skills. This will help identify those who need assistance to complete their training and become more effective in their new job.

The package is available for purchase to education providers. Please contact the training department at Racing NSW.

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