Body Protective Vests (Updated 9 July 2013)

AR87B requires that every rider when mounted on a horse must wear a properly fastened safety vest that conforms to the standard prescribed by the Australian Racing Board. Further to this requirement the rule specifies that every safety vest shall be in a satisfactory condition and must have the manufacturers label attached stating it complies to the relevant standard.

The following standards are currently approved:-

(i) ARB standard
(ii) SATRA standard
(iii) European standard EN113158 level 1.

Any rider required by the rule to wear a safety vest may be penalised if he wears or has in his possession any safety vest that does not conform with a standard which has been prescribed by the Board or which has been modified in any way.

Skull Caps

As manufacturers advise that skull caps are no longer serviceable after five (5) years has expired since the date of manufacture. All riders (including stablehand and trainers) are reminded under AR87AA that such helmets must immediately be replaced. Furthermore if the skullcap sustains a severe impact or if the rider suffers from concussion following a fall, the skull cap must immediately be replaced.

AR 87AA. (1) Every rider shall be responsible for the care and condition of his helmet.

(2) A helmet is not regarded as serviceable and must be immediately replaced by the rider when –

(a) a period of 5 years has expired since its date of manufacture, or

(b) it sustains a severe impact, or

(c) the wearer suffers from concussion following a fall.