Racing NSW Rising Star Apprentice Series

Series for 2016/17

2017/18 Rising Star Series - Dates

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Van Der Werf Moves Into Second Spot In Rising Star Series (16 Oct 17)
Andrew Adkins Wins 2016/17 Rising Star Series (31 May 17)

Below: Andrew Adkins with the Rising Star Series trophy at Hawkesbury


Rising Star Series Conditions (2017/18)
• The Series is open to NSW and ACT indentured apprentice riders who are enrolled at Racing NSW Apprentice Schools.
• Preference will be given to apprentice riders who, in order:

(i) fulfil the requirements of the NSW Apprentice and Traineeship Act of 2001.
(ii) are on loan from another state (for longer than two months) and who have been placed with the trainer of a horse nominated in a heat.
(iii) are visiting from another county and do not fit the requirements of Part (i).

Unless riders fulfil the requirements from category (i) they will be unable to ride in the Final. Riders from Category (ii) and (iii) may ride in a heat, but may not attain points, or ride in the Final. Individual awards for heats shall be made to the highest placed rider from Category (i). In the event that there are insufficient qualified apprentice riders available on the day of a series race, after confirmation from the Racing NSW Training Dept, Stewards may permit an Interstate Apprentice Jockey who does not qualify under Category (ii) to ride. These riders may not attain points or ride in the final.

• The Rising Star Racing Colours will be carried by the apprentice leading the series at the time the heat is run, or if the leading rider is not competing, the topweight will carry the colours.
• Points will be awarded for each race on the following basis:

(i) First Place - 7 points; Second Place - 5 points; Third Place - 3 points; Fourth Place – 2 points; All other placings - 1 point
(ii) In the case of a dead heat, the effected placing's points shall be added together then divided by the number of dead heaters.
(iii) If an apprentice is declared for a ride and the horse is subsequently scratched, the apprentice will gain one point.

• Apprentices who are due to come out of their time during the period of the Rising Star series will be eligible to compete until such time as their apprenticeship finishes. These apprentices will also be eligible to become the overall Rising Star Series winner, with points earned in the races in which they are eligible to ride to be considered in the final tally.
• All heats and the Final will be restricted to 12 riders.

The Final
• The last race in the series shall be the Rising Star Final (“the Final”)

Final Race Conditions
1) The final is restricted to NSW and ACT apprentices who have earned points during the running of the Rising Star series
2) Finalists amassing the highest number of points in the Heats shall be first available for rides in the Final. In the event that any apprentice who is eligible to compete in the Final is unable to ride through injury, suspension or otherwise, additional riders are the next NSW riders in line on the points table
3) At the conclusion of the Final heat, Racing NSW shall publish the list of riders for the Final in order of points accrued. All finalists must declare a riding weight prior to this list being published,
4) Finalists mounts are to be determined by lot at acceptance time.
5) A ballot will then be determined for finalists rides in the Final as per riding weight.

i. Finalists must claim down to their declared riding weight. (Overweights are not to be permitted unless authorised by the Stewards and confirmed with connections of the horse concerned).
ii. The ultimate decision regarding riders competing in the Final rests with Racing NSW Officials and Stewards, who will firstly consult with Trainers affected.
iii. At the conclusion of the Final, the apprentice who has accumulated the most points in the series including the Final will receive the Rising Star Cup.
iv. In the event of more than one rider finishing on equal points after the Final, a count-back will occur. The Apprentice with the most race wins, and subsequently the most 2nds then 3rds within the series will be declared the outright winner.