Last Starts

1000M BM74 $15000 ($675) Terry Treichel (1) Rtg:62 1st FLORAL INSIGHT 58kg 2nd ROLLEM 58.5kg : 0-56.99, Margin 0.014L Starting Price $5.00
1100M BM80 HCP $12000 Dean Tanti (3) Rtg:71 1st FAR DOOLEY 55.5kg 2nd LUCKY SONGS 56kg : Margin 0.019L 3rd at 800m, 3rd at 400m, Starting Price $8
1000M CG&E BM55 EC $16000 ($8920) Terry Treichel (2) Rtg:59 1st SYMBIOTIC 61kg 2nd PATH TO FREEDOM 58.5kg : 0-57.80, Margin 0L Starting Price $4.60
1000M CL3 $17000 ($275) Terry Treichel (7) Rtg:60 1st SOCARADA 54kg 2nd BUNDY SPECIAL 57kg : 0-58.20, Margin 0.053L Starting Price $4.00
Spell 18 weeks
1200M CL6 $50000 ($1000) Larry Cassidy (4) Rtg:68 1st EXCELLANTES 60kg 2nd ZEKEZA 54kg : Margin 0.035L 6th at 800m, 5th at 400m, Starting Price $26
1350M CG&E NMW EC $45000 ($9000) Larry Cassidy (14) Rtg:66 1st KISS ME DEADLY 54kg 2nd SYMBIOTIC 54kg : Margin 0.002L 8th at 800m, 7th at 400m, Starting Price $21
1200M CG&E CL1 EC $10000 ($6500) Terry Treichel (2) Rtg:56 1st SYMBIOTIC 56kg 2nd VACALLO 59kg : 01:14.630, Margin 0.00L 4th at 800m, 2nd at 400m, Starting Price $6
1100M CL2 $10000 ($500) Scott Thurlow (13) Rtg:47 1st LITTLE CAYUSE 57.5kg 2nd HARLEY DOWN 59kg : 1-02.54, Margin 0.046L Starting Price $13.00
1100M CL1 $10000 ($2000) Terry Treichel (5) Rtg:46 1st LITTLE CAYUSE 59kg 2nd SYMBIOTIC 57kg : 1-02.16, Margin 1 3/4 Len Starting Price $9.00
Spell 34 weeks
1400M CL1 $10000 Shane S Arnold (11) Rtg:56 1st MISS NAPOLLI 54kg 2nd MACKENZIE 54kg : Margin 0.067L 1st at 800m, 1st at 400m, Starting Price $13
1600M CL2 $10000 Bradley Wallace (10) Rtg:57 1st STRICTLY BUSINESS 58kg 2nd I'LLBETRICKED 55.5kg : Margin 0.113L 1st at 800m, 1st at 400m, Starting Price $15
1300M CL1 $10000 Bradley Wallace (1) Rtg:58 1st ROYAL CHARGER 57.5kg 2nd RICHLY BLENDED 57.5kg : Margin 0.066L 7th at 800m, 8th at 400m, Starting Price $8
1400M CG&E MDN EC $10000 ($6500) Bradley Wallace (7) 1st SYMBIOTIC 55kg 2nd BIRDS OF SONG 56kg : 01:24.180, Margin 0.00L 1st at 800m, 1st at 400m, Starting Price $10
1350M MDN-SW $15000 Bradley Wallace (11) 1st CREDIT POINT 57kg 2nd MACKENZIE 55kg : Margin 0.02L 3rd at 800m, 2nd at 400m, Starting Price $11
1200M CG&E MDN-SW EC $10000 Andrew Spinks (1) 1st CANADIAN COUNTER 56.5kg 2nd STROMBO 56.5kg : Margin 0.034L 4th at 800m, 5th at 400m, Starting Price $5
1110M MDN $13000 Scott Galloway (7) 1st STAND AND CHEER 57kg 2nd RISK AVERSION 54.5kg : Margin 0.139L 7th at 800m, 7th at 400m, Starting Price $21
900M MDN-SW $10000 Andrew Spinks (11) 1st STABILIZER 56.5kg 2nd HIDE 'N' SEEK 56.5kg : Margin 0.078L 9th at 400m, Starting Price $6.50
Spell 74 weeks
Spell 35 weeks
Trial 1000M Mdn Luke Rolls (5) 1st SYMBIOTIC 0kg 2nd WARSPITE 0kg : Margin 0.008L
Spell 33 weeks
Trial 900M Mdn 2&3Y Brad Pengelly (2) 1st SWIRLING MOSS 0kg 2nd SYMBIOTIC 0kg : Margin 0.018L
Spell 20 weeks

Horse Details

Sire:Show a Heart
Dam:Let's Kiss
Trainer:Terry McCarthy
Owners:M Herrmann, Mrs S Hermann, P W Obrien & Mrs P Obrien

Horse Rating

Horses Career Summary

Last Update:3/06/2013 11:33:03 AM
Last Starts:15454x8349
Form Summary:DW
Career:26-4-3-1 $48670.00
Good:11-1-2-0 $16670.00
Dead:9-2-0-1 $16500.00
Slow:2-0-1-0 $9000.00
Heavy:4-1-0-0 $6500.00
Wet:6-1-1-0 $15500.00
Non-Wet:20-3-2-1 $33170.00
Season:10-1-0-1 $12770.00
1st-Up:4-0-1-0 $2275.00
2nd-Up:4-1-0-1 $11120.00

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