Last Starts

1200M CLB $3500 Tim Phillips (2) Rtg:27 1st KING CON 62kg 2nd JUST MAKE IT 62kg : 1-16.39, Margin 0.06L Starting Price $15.00
Picnic 1200M CLB $3500 Mr Tim Phillips (2) Rtg:27 1st KING CON 62kg 2nd JUST MAKE IT 62kg : Margin 0.06L Starting Price $15
1600M CLB $8000 Ms Cecily Eaton (5) Rtg:45 1st BACH 56kg 2nd SELL THE SILVER 59kg : Margin 0.312L Starting Price $11
1600M CL2 $6000 Bruce Powell (4) Rtg:45 1st GOLD RECORD 58.5kg 2nd CURRAWEE LASS 57.5kg : Margin 0.102L 1st at 1200m, 1st at 800m, 2nd at 400m, Starting Price $16
1030M CLB $6600 Wayne Glass (9) Rtg:45 1st RAISE THE BID 58.5kg 2nd ADULARIA 57kg : Margin 0.118L Starting Price $15
1200M CL2 $8000 Christopher Bryen (7) Rtg:45 1st JACK 'N' ME 59kg 2nd SAND RULER 60kg : Margin 0.093L Starting Price $7
Spell 14 weeks
1000M CLB $5000 ($200) Jason McKinnon (4) Rtg:45 1st SPARTANEOUS 55kg 2nd PEPPI LE PAW 56.5kg : Margin 0.058L Starting Price $15
900M CLB $8000 Christopher Bryen (2) Rtg:45 1st ASTRALON 57.5kg 2nd ALPHONSE 56.5kg : Margin 0.032L Starting Price $7
Spell 81 weeks
1500M CLB $6000 Dean McWhinney (5) Rtg:46 1st LIKEABATOUTOFHELL 55.5kg 2nd DAINTY LADY 55kg : Margin 0.081L Starting Price $13
1200M ClB $7000 Chad Davies (2) Rtg:47 1st FRISCO AFFAIR 58kg 2nd AL DENTE 57kg : Margin 0.043L Starting Price 8
1200M ClB $6600 Rowan Cox (8) Rtg:48 1st HELVIA 59kg 2nd IN TOP SPIN 59kg : Margin 0.06L Starting Price 31
Let up 5 weeks
1000M ClB $8000 Christopher Bryen (4) Rtg:49 1st STOMP THE YARD 56.5kg 2nd NASHAMA 56.5kg : Margin 0.464L Starting Price 10
Spell 15 weeks
1000M ClB $8000 Bonnie Thomson (4) Rtg:50 1st EARTH TO DAWN 61kg 2nd MCCASKELL 56.5kg : Margin 0.089L Starting Price 6
1500M Cl2 $10000 Bonnie Thomson (5) Rtg:51 1st PROFESSOR 58kg 2nd DUAL ECHELON 55.5kg : Margin 0.108L 4th at 800m, Starting Price 31
1400M ClB $6600 Leeanne McCoy (9) Rtg:52 1st SHOT OF THE RAILS 56kg 2nd PALACE PARTY 55kg : Margin 0.099L Starting Price 6
1400M ClB $6000 ($600) Bonnie Thomson (7) Rtg:52 1st SIMPLE STUFF 55.5kg 2nd BIAN SPOILT 55kg : Margin 0.017L Starting Price 8
1200M Mdn 3Up $7700 ($5000) Bonnie Thomson (1) 1st SUPER SAMAURAI 59.5kg 2nd MCCASKELL 59.5kg : Margin 0.045L Starting Price 7
1350M Mdn C,G&E $10000 Andrew Spinks (9) 1st URBAN MENACE 58kg 2nd BINRASY 54kg : Margin 0.048L 10th at 800m, 10th at 400m, Starting Price 31
Let up 7 weeks
1300M Mdn $9000 Kanichiro Fujii (1) 1st ISOLA 54kg 2nd DOUBLE LIFE 54kg : 1-18.79 , Margin 0.146L Starting Price 31
1400M Mdn 4Up $14000 Kanichiro Fujii (12) 1st JOLLICA 53kg 2nd CINDERELLA GIRL (NZ) 53.5kg : Margin 0.128L Starting Price 61
Spell 23 weeks
1500M Mdn $14000 Neil Paine (11) 1st KHYBER MAIL 58kg 2nd CHANDELIER 57.5kg : Margin 0.155L Starting Price 101
Let up 5 weeks
1300M Mdn $16000 Kanichiro Fujii (1) 1st ORPHELIA 54.5kg 2nd MONTE ROCKET 55kg : Margin 0.218L Starting Price 101
1300M Mdn C,G&E $14000 Lane Moloney (2) 1st NAUTICAT 56.5kg 2nd HENRYFIELD 58kg : Margin 0.094L Starting Price 31

Horse Details

Sire:El Moxie (USA)
Dam:Jewelled Splendour
Trainer:Wayne Baker
Owners:Y Naito

Horse Rating

Horses Career Summary

Last Update:7/06/2012 12:36:32 PM
Last Starts:0X54X98070
Form Summary:D
Career:22-1-0-1 $5800.00
Good:16-1-0-1 $5800.00
Non-Wet:20-1-0-1 $5800.00
Season:7-0-0-0 $200.00
2nd-Up:5-0-0-0 $200.00

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