Last Starts

1400M CLB $6000 Nathan Evans (0) Rtg:46 1st MAKER'S MARQUE 56kg 2nd TENT HARMONY 57kg : Margin 0.00L Starting Price $13
1640M CL3 $8000 ($400) Scott McCullum (7) Rtg:46 1st MASTER NICK 56kg 2nd LA CLOISONNE 56.5kg : Margin 0.016L Starting Price $11
1400M CL1 $6000 Mr William Doyle (8) Rtg:48 1st SOLEMN OATH 57kg 2nd LA CLOISONNE 58kg : Margin 0.323L Starting Price $7
1400M CLB $6000 Scott McCullum (2) Rtg:50 1st NORDIC WARRIOR 57kg 2nd MASTER NICK 57.5kg : Margin 0.073L Starting Price $3.50
1000M CLB $8000 William Doyle (2) Rtg:51 1st SILKY SKILLS 60kg 2nd IN MY FACE 56kg : Margin 0.062L Starting Price $4
Spell 14 weeks
1600M CL1 $5000 ($500) Matthew Paget (7) Rtg:47 1st RETRACTED 54kg 2nd MRS MACULAR 54kg : 1-40.00, Margin 1 1/2 Len Starting Price $7.00
1400M MDN-SW $5000 ($3500) Matthew Paget (6) 1st SHOW OF HEAVEN 57kg 2nd DUDLEY 59kg : 01:24.290, Margin 0.00L 1st at 800m, 1st at 400m, Starting Price $8
1530M MDN-SW $10000 ($500) Jacque Brown (a) (7) 1st EMSALA 57kg 2nd BAMBOO HOUSE (NZ) 59kg : 1-40.76, Margin 0.143L Starting Price $7.00
1600M MDN $10000 Daniel Griffin (7) 1st LUDO ROCK 55kg 2nd CRAIGLEA CALIPSO 54kg : Margin 0.175L 3rd at 800m, 7th at 400m, Starting Price $4.60
1516M MDN-SW $10000 ($500) Daniel Griffin (11) 1st MAJOR GENERAL 58.5kg 2nd OAKFIELD CANDY 57kg : 1-36.20, Margin 0.024L Starting Price $11.00
1400M MDN-SW $10000 Ms Laura Cheshire (5) 1st ANGELONMYSHOULDER 54.5kg 2nd SHARMA 56.5kg : Margin 0.184L 3rd at 800m, 2nd at 400m, Starting Price $6
1610M MDN $10000 Laura Cheshire (7) 1st SO TOO 58kg 2nd ANOTHER MARLENE 57.5kg : 1-37.25, Margin 0.07L Starting Price $7.50
1666M MDN-SW $10000 ($2000) Daniel Griffin (8) 1st SECRET GARDEN 54.5kg 2nd SHOW OF HEAVEN 55.5kg : Margin 0.001L 4th at 1200m, 2nd at 800m, 2nd at 400m, Starting Price $13
1200M F&M MDN FM $10000 Ms Laura Cheshire (12) 1st MOSSTANGO 56kg 2nd QUASERA 54kg : Margin 0.041L 4th at 800m, 3rd at 400m, Starting Price $5
1350M F&M MDN FM $13000 Daniel Griffin (7) 1st FLINDERS COMMAND 55.5kg 2nd HETTY 59kg : Margin 0.065L 6th at 800m, 7th at 400m, Starting Price $41
1200M F&M MDN-SW 3U FM $10000 Daniel Griffin (6) 1st EGYPTIAN TOMB 57kg 2nd FAIRY GREEN 56kg : Margin 0.032L 3rd at 800m, 3rd at 400m, Starting Price $11
1010M MDN-SW $10000 Daniel Griffin (3) 1st JUST MARRIED 57kg 2nd RAYDAR'S GIRL 57kg : 0-59.50, Margin 0.036L Starting Price $8.00
Spell 14 weeks
1400M MDN-SW $5000 Nick Souquet (5) 1st LEXICAL AMBIGUITY 54kg 2nd PINOCCHIO'S CHOICE 58kg : 1-27.05, Margin 0.099L Starting Price $11.00
Spell 27 weeks
1600M 2UP MDN-SW 2U $12000 Dale Smith (15) 1st BUILDER O'REILLY 57.5kg 2nd ALBAZAR 55.5kg : Margin 0.34L Starting Price $10
1422M MDN-SW 3U $15000 ($250) Dale Smith (12) 1st DEL PALIO 57.5kg 2nd CROWNS MISTRESS 55.5kg : Margin 0.0765L 8th at 800m, 7th at 400m, Starting Price $8

Horse Details

Sire:Show a Heart
Dam:Seventh Heaven
Trainer:Scott Rodgers
Owners:S J Pamenter & G L Fitch

Horse Rating

Horses Career Summary

Last Update:17/05/2012 12:09:31 PM
Last Starts:5972084941
Form Summary:
Career:14-1-1-0 $6750.00
Good:6-0-0-0 $250.00
Dead:4-1-0-0 $3500.00
Slow:1-0-1-0 $2000.00
Heavy:3-0-0-0 $1000.00
Wet:4-0-1-0 $3000.00
Non-Wet:10-1-0-0 $3750.00
Season:12-1-1-0 $6500.00
1st-Up:3-0-0-0 $250.00

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