Last Starts

1200M CL2 $3500 Paul Payne (9) Rtg:37 1st MURPHY'S FLIGHT 55kg 2nd MY GUNYAH 54kg : 1-11.45, Margin 0.043L Starting Price $17.00
1300M F&M CL1 FM $10000 Ms Laura Cheshire (3) Rtg:51 1st CERULEAN BLUE 54kg 2nd ISTAAR 54.5kg : Margin 0.08L 6th at 800m, 7th at 400m, Starting Price $41
1550M BM45 $3500 Kayla McEwen (9) Rtg:39 1st STAR OF UNIVERSE 58kg 2nd POLYRHYTHM 55.5kg : 1-37.07, Margin 0.051L Starting Price $17.00
1150M CLB $6200 ($620) Shane Egan (11) Rtg:52 1st AUSTRALIAS FINEST 58.5kg 2nd NIGHT WANDERER 57.5kg : Margin 0.023L Starting Price $15
1200M BM50 $10000 (0) Rtg:39 1st GENTLEMAN PIRATE (GB) 57.5kg 2nd LITTLE MONEE 58.5kg : 1-10.50, Margin 0L Starting Price NA
1200M BM45 $4000 Jeff Kehoe (4) Rtg:41 1st SALT SHAKER 56kg 2nd VALLEY MOON 55kg : 1-12.00, Margin 0.06L Starting Price $17.00
1200M CLB $6000 Lyle Finlay (9) Rtg:55 1st RUSHATUS 58kg 2nd EL RETAZO 56kg : Margin 0.085L Starting Price $13
1200M CLB $4500 Chris Kearney (6) Rtg:57 1st CRAIGLEA SPARTAN 56kg 2nd GRAND TURK 56.5kg : Margin 0.052L Starting Price $3.60F
1000M CLB $6000 ($1200) Paul Payne (1) Rtg:57 1st WAYWARD ATTACK 58.5kg 2nd POISED FOR SUCCESS 59kg : Margin 0.04L Starting Price $4
1350M CL3-SW $4000 ($400) Geoffrey Snowden (2) Rtg:57 1st NATURALLY MINE 58kg 2nd HARFORD STREET 56.5kg : Margin 0.023L Starting Price $9
1200M CLB $4000 ($800) Lyle Finlay (3) Rtg:57 1st VOCIFEROUS 59kg 2nd POISED FOR SUCCESS 57.5kg : Margin 0.043L Starting Price $6
1375M CLB $5000 Ms Leeanne McCoy (8) Rtg:59 1st WILLHAVEAHUNDRED 58kg 2nd WARCHIMES 57.5kg : Margin 0.00L Starting Price $7
1400M CLB $6000 Anthony Allen (a) (7) Rtg:60 1st GIDDAY GIDDAY 57.5kg 2nd FEARTHEDAWN 57kg : Margin 0.041L Starting Price $5
1200M F&M CL1 FM $10000 Bradley Wallace (6) Rtg:61 1st LA BELLA ROSE 58kg 2nd OH SUSIE DARLIN' 57.5kg : Margin 0.00L Starting Price $10
1200M F&M CL1 FM $10000 Bradley Wallace (a) (4) Rtg:62 1st OUR HUSSEY 56kg 2nd SECRET PLEASURE 54kg : Margin 0.00L Starting Price $4.20
Spell 62 weeks
1600M Cl1 $10000 Michael Cahill (9) Rtg:62 1st SISULA 58kg 2nd FINX 54.5kg : Margin 0.105L 12th at 1200m, 12th at 800m, 12th at 400m, Starting Price 4.20F
1640M 3Y $50000 Brad Pengelly (4) Rtg:62 1st CATALLION 57.5kg 2nd FAVOURS TRADED 56.5kg : Margin 0.045L 4th at 800m, 4th at 400m, Starting Price 21
1400M Mdn 3Y $10000 ($13500) Stathi Katsidis (1) 1st POISED FOR SUCCESS 55kg 2nd MR TRACEY 57kg : Margin 0.001L 7th at 800m, 7th at 400m, Starting Price 2.10F
1300M Mdn 3Y $10000 ($500) Ken Pope (3) 1st LUNAR ROSE 56.5kg 2nd LUCKILY 55.5kg : Margin 0.012L 6th at 800m, 7th at 400m, Starting Price 4.20
Spell 28 weeks

Horse Details

Trainer:Sheree Mcewan
Owners:Mrs J & T Sharpe

Horse Rating

Horses Career Summary

Last Update:18/08/2011 12:11:37 PM
Last Starts:7232909376
Form Summary:
Career:17-1-2-2 $17020.00
Good:15-1-2-2 $17020.00
Non-Wet:16-1-2-2 $17020.00
1st-Up:2-0-0-0 $500.00
2nd-Up:2-1-0-0 $13500.00

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Pedigree Report

Inglis (Campaign 2 - Ready to Run) 22 June 16