Last Starts

1500M CL6-SW $12000 ($7800) Adrian Coome (2) Rtg:77 1st MORE MORE MORE 59kg 2nd POPNAE 59kg : 01:29.220, Margin 0.00L 6th at 800m, 5th at 400m, Starting Price $2F
1300M HCP $10000 Chris Whiteley (5) Rtg:78 1st CANHEDANCE 58.5kg 2nd DOYADEAL 58kg : Margin 0.024L 7th at 800m, 7th at 400m, Starting Price $6
Spell 14 weeks
1100M CL4 $10000 Chris Whiteley (2) Rtg:74 1st ASSIMILATOR 57kg 2nd AVADALE 57kg : Margin 0.103L 9th at 800m, 9th at 400m, Starting Price $10
Spell 22 weeks
1900M BM75 3U $35000 ($450) Glyn Schofield (5) Rtg:68 1st OUR BARNEY 58.5kg 2nd LET THEM HAVE IT 56.5kg : 2-02.50, Margin 0.058L Starting Price $17.00
1900M 1MW 3U $27000 ($17550) Glyn Schofield (7) Rtg:64 1st MORE MORE MORE 54kg 2nd DAWNFIRE DANCER 54kg : 2-01.56, Margin 0L Starting Price $9.50
1600M BM75 $16000 Chad Schofield (a) (11) Rtg:66 1st BEAVEROO 54kg 2nd LETCHWORTH 55kg : 1-38.26, Margin 0.07L Starting Price $17.00
1900M BM70 3U $27000 Corey Brown (9) Rtg:67 1st KIM WARRIOR 56kg 2nd GLENSTAL ABBEY 55kg : 1-57.60, Margin 0.022L Starting Price $14.00
2100M BM75 $14000 Shaun Guymer (a) (2) Rtg:67 1st MAXIMUS GLADIATOR 58kg 2nd REUBEN PERCIVAL (NZ) 61kg : 2-11.60, Margin 0.283L Starting Price $6.00
1800M BM70 3U $40000 ($800) Hugh Bowman (11) Rtg:67 1st BLEDISLOE 57kg 2nd COURT CONNECTION 57.5kg : 1-49.69, Margin 0.042L Starting Price $5.50
1850M BM65 $14000 ($9100) Mitchell Bell (6) Rtg:63 1st MORE MORE MORE 58kg 2nd DREAM ALIBI 54kg : 1-54.25, Margin 0L Starting Price $4.60F
1500M CL2 $14000 ($1400) Mitchell Bell (4) Rtg:63 1st TOO HI TEK 58kg 2nd PRINCE GERARD 58kg : 1-34.20, Margin Long Hd Starting Price $7.50
1600M BM70 3U $27000 (0) Rtg:63 1st RAIN DRUM 59kg 2nd BIELSKI 57.5kg : 1-37.99, Margin 0L Starting Price NA
Spell 15 weeks
1640M CL4 $13000 ($2600) Ric McMahon (4) Rtg:68 1st ON FACE VALUE 54kg 2nd MORE MORE MORE 53kg : Margin 0.013L 8th at 1200m, 6th at 800m, 6th at 400m, Starting Price $4
Spell 52 weeks
2400M BM75 3U $27000 Peter Robl (4) Rtg:64 1st WHITE HORSE INN 55.5kg 2nd KOSSACK (GB) 61kg : 2-29.23, Margin 0.08L Starting Price $15.00
2400M CL3-SW $13000 ($1300) Glen Colless (5) Rtg:68 1st WARRINGAH 56kg 2nd ELEVEN OYSTERS 54kg : Margin 0.053L 7th at 800m, 5th at 400m, Starting Price $6
2200M CL3-SW $13000 Glen Colless (6) Rtg:69 1st PANNINGEN 56kg 2nd ZENTON 54kg : Margin 0.07L 6th at 800m, 6th at 400m, Starting Price $2.90EF
2180M CL1 $12000 ($7800) Glen Colless (2) Rtg:66 1st MORE MORE MORE 58kg 2nd FLYING TOUCHDOWN 55kg : 02:19.280, Margin 0.00L Starting Price $1.60F
1800M CL1 $10000 ($1000) Daniel Griffin (2) Rtg:65 1st DIVINE CASH 54kg 2nd DELEZIO 56kg : Margin 0.00L Starting Price $21
1600M 3Y HCP 3 $50000 ($1000) Glen Colless (8) Rtg:66 1st EQUISSENTIAL 53.5kg 2nd JUST ABOUT READY 55.5kg : Margin 0.00L Starting Price $6.50
1100M CL1 3 $12000 ($600) Glen Colless (2) Rtg:66 1st MISS MIMMICK 54.5kg 2nd IN A TANGLE 54.5kg : Margin 0.005L 4th at 800m, 4th at 400m, Starting Price $1.60F
Spell 24 weeks
1200M 2Y $50000 ($2000) Glen Colless (6) 1st HEARTSAREFORLOVE 53.5kg 2nd PINNACLE RIDGE 54.5kg : Margin 0.113L 6th at 800m, 7th at 400m, Starting Price 2F
1000M 2Y C&G $50000 ($32000) Glen Colless (6) 1st MORE MORE MORE 57kg 2nd DONE ALL DONE 56kg : Margin 0.008L 11th at 800m, 9th at 400m, Starting Price 3.70F

Horse Details

Sire:More Than Ready (USA)
Dam:Christmas Offer
Trainer:Robert Heathcote
Owners:Magic Bloodstock Racing Syndicate (Mgr: P Tighe)

Horse Rating

Horses Career Summary

Last Update:9/07/2012 1:40:11 PM
Last Starts:86x3159701
Form Summary:DWC
Career:20-4-2-3 $94750.00
Good:12-2-1-2 $55400.00
Dead:2-0-1-0 $2600.00
Slow:3-1-0-0 $7800.00
Heavy:3-1-0-1 $28950.00
Wet:6-2-0-1 $36750.00
Non-Wet:14-2-2-2 $58000.00
Season:11-2-2-1 $49050.00
1st-Up:4-1-1-1 $36600.00
2nd-Up:4-1-1-0 $19700.00

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Pedigree Report

Inglis (Campaign 2 - Ready to Run) 22 June 16