Last Starts

1200M CL1 $10000 Ms Brooke Richardson (3) Rtg:64 1st RUN AWAY RUBY 54kg 2nd AI JO 55kg : Margin 0.046L 6th at 800m, 5th at 400m, Starting Price $3.20F
Let up 6 weeks
1350M CG&E MDN EC $10000 ($6500) Ms Brooke Richardson (12) 1st MASAKARI 59kg 2nd TANGO KING 58.5kg : 01:24.000, Margin 0.00L 2nd at 800m, 2nd at 400m, Starting Price $5
1200M 3Y MDN 3 $13000 Mitchell Wood (5) 1st THAT'S KARMA 58kg 2nd LOSE IT 59kg : Margin 0.064L 6th at 800m, 6th at 400m, Starting Price $8
1200M MDN-SW $15000 ($3000) Ms Jacque Brown (7) 1st EL JACKINO 56.5kg 2nd MASAKARI 56.5kg : Margin 0.004L 2nd at 800m, 1st at 400m, Starting Price $4
1200M C&G MDN-SW CG $10000 ($2000) Ms Jacque Brown (4) 1st HARDMAN HARRY 56kg 2nd MASAKARI 56kg : Margin 0.038L 5th at 800m, 4th at 400m, Starting Price $3
Let up 6 weeks
Trial 650M MDN-TRL Norifumi Yamada (10) 1st JEKAMA 0kg 2nd SQUIRTALO 0kg : Margin 0.018L
Spell 14 weeks
1050M 3Y MDN 3 $10000 ($1000) Norifumi Yamada (5) 1st HEARTBROKEN 56kg 2nd ON APPEAL 57kg : Margin 0.031L 3rd at 800m, 3rd at 400m, Starting Price $1.90F
1250M 2 $20000 ($2000) Chris Whiteley (3) 1st NEVER DOUBT ME 59kg 2nd WINDSPLITTER 56kg : 1-18.98, Margin 3 1/2 Len Starting Price $9.00
1100M MDN 2 $10000 ($1000) Norifumi Yamada (7) 1st FINE TUNE 56.5kg 2nd SELL THE SILVER 55kg : Margin 0.038L 1st at 800m, 1st at 400m, Starting Price $4
Trial 650M 2 Norifumi Yamada (2) 1st SAVAGE 0kg 2nd MASAKARI 0kg : Margin 0.013L
Spell 16 weeks
Trial 650M 2Y-TRL 2 Norifumi Yamada (7) 1st MR FAVULOUS 0kg 2nd SKILFUL PAT 0kg : Margin 0.021L

Horse Details

Sire:Delago Brom
Dam:Brookton Affair
Trainer:Michael Nolan
Owners:C K Goode, D L Goode, R L Goode, J G Swan, B M George, M T J Callow, V Edwards, T K Kim, G J Leyden & V Tang

Horse Rating

Horses Career Summary

Last Update:20/07/2011 12:11:18 PM
Last Starts:3
Form Summary:
Career:1-0-0-1 $1000.00
Good:1-0-0-1 $1000.00
Non-Wet:1-0-0-1 $1000.00
Season:1-0-0-1 $1000.00
1st-Up:1-0-0-1 $1000.00

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Pedigree Report

Inglis (Campaign 2 - Ready to Run) 22 June 16