Last Starts

2100M 1MW $50000 Bret Calkin (11) Rtg:78 1st MISTER TIVOLI 53kg 2nd DAWNS QUEEN 53kg : Margin 0.103L 1st at 1200m, 1st at 800m, 3rd at 400m, Starting Price 17
1900M $10000 ($500) Bret Calkin (2) Rtg:80 1st WARATAH BLAZE 54kg 2nd HE'S FULL OF IT 54kg : 2-02.40 , Margin 0.029L Starting Price 7
1600M $10000 Greg Ryan (6) Rtg:81 1st ALL AGAIN 58.5kg 2nd ANNJOLINO 57kg : Margin 0.055L Starting Price 8
2020M $50000 Bret Calkin (8) Rtg:81 1st HONOUR HAPPY LIST 57kg 2nd TAKE THE PLEA 57kg : Margin 0.035L 4th at 1200m, 4th at 800m, 5th at 400m, Starting Price 17
1600M $12000 ($2400) Bret Calkin (4) Rtg:81 1st MALTA 56.5kg 2nd INTHEWAY 54kg : Margin 0.005L 4th at 1200m, 4th at 800m, 5th at 400m, Starting Price 6
1300M $4000 ($2800) Bret Calkin (2) Rtg:79 1st INTHEWAY 60kg 2nd BEST ON BOARD 54kg : Margin 0.008L Starting Price 6
Trial 950M G Jimmy Bryans (2) 1st INTHEWAY 0kg 2nd WALLARINGA 0kg : 1-39.44 , Margin 0.013L
Spell 28 weeks
2000M $16000 ($10400) Greg Ryan (6) Rtg:75 1st INTHEWAY 57kg 2nd ROCKING ON (NZ) 59.5kg : Margin 0.018L Starting Price 3F
1465M $6000 George Auckram (2) Rtg:78 1st LORD CLINTON 56kg 2nd SEEKAWINNER 55kg : Margin 0.085L Starting Price 3.40
Picnic 1600M Trpy $3000 ($600) Darryl Roberts (4) Rtg:77 1st CROWNTRENO 62kg 2nd INTHEWAY 69.5kg : 1-38.11 , Margin 0.028L Starting Price 2.20F
1200M $6000 Christopher Bryen (5) Rtg:79 1st TRY SOME MAGIC 63.5kg 2nd SAN PHILLIPE 57.5kg : Margin 0.131L Starting Price 6
Spell 11 weeks
2050M $100000 Bret Calkin (7) Rtg:79 1st SIR SENSIBLE 54kg 2nd JUSSEMI 53kg : Margin 0.048L 5th at 800m, 5th at 400m, Starting Price 61
2030M $50000 Bret Calkin (8) Rtg:80 1st SIR SENSIBLE 53kg 2nd ESKIMO DAN (NZ) 54.5kg : Margin 0.084L 4th at 800m, 5th at 400m, Starting Price 26
1900M $26000 Bret Calkin (4) Rtg:81 1st SUSSMAN 53kg 2nd FAIR TRIAL 55kg : Margin 0.032L Starting Price 16
1500M $45000 Andrew Spinks (4) Rtg:82 1st COLONIAL LASS 53kg 2nd RAPID REASON (NZ) 53.5kg : Margin 0.13L 1st at 800m, 3rd at 400m, Starting Price 31
2200M $50000 Bret Calkin (4) Rtg:83 1st GRAND LADDIE 53kg 2nd TATTYAM (NZ) 53kg : Margin 0.083L 4th at 800m, 3rd at 400m, Starting Price 4.40
2140M $50000 ($32000) Bret Calkin (2) Rtg:72 1st INTHEWAY 53kg 2nd DREAM BABY CASH 53kg : Margin 0.003L 3rd at 800m, 3rd at 400m, Starting Price 13
2040M NMW $45000 ($1800) Bret Calkin (13) Rtg:72 1st DREAM BABY CASH 57kg 2nd TATTYAM (NZ) 55kg : Margin 0.011L 2nd at 800m, 2nd at 400m, Starting Price 31
1810M Cl6 $45000 Bret Calkin (12) Rtg:73 1st DOUG'S MATE 54.5kg 2nd ON THE UP 54.5kg : Margin 0.17L 10th at 1200m, 10th at 800m, 12th at 400m, Starting Price 51
1600M $12000 ($2400) Bret Calkin (4) Rtg:72 1st LADY'S OPINION 54kg 2nd INTHEWAY 54kg : Margin 0.025L 4th at 800m, 2nd at 400m, Starting Price 11
1400M $7000 ($700) Bret Calkin (1) Rtg:72 1st KANES CROSSING 56.5kg 2nd JYI'S PROSPECT 56.5kg : Margin 0.043L Starting Price 5
1200M $5750 Bret Calkin (8) Rtg:72 1st MYNDOS 61.5kg 2nd PICWORTH 55kg : Margin 0.118L Starting Price 5
Spell 20 weeks
1620M Cl5 $9000 ($5850) Bret Calkin (6) Rtg:68 1st INTHEWAY 56kg 2nd INTERJO (NZ) 54kg : Margin 0.025L 2nd at 800m, 1st at 400m, Starting Price 4.20
1630M Cl5 $13000 Bret Calkin (1) Rtg:70 1st MAJORCA 55.5kg 2nd KING OF SPURS 53.5kg : Margin 0.085L 3rd at 800m, 5th at 400m, Starting Price 12
2200M Cl4 $11000 ($7300) Matthew Paget (10) Rtg:64 1st INTHEWAY 58kg 2nd CROWNING FORCE 55.5kg : Margin 0.005L Starting Price 4F
1900M Cl3 $7000 ($4900) Michael Hellyer (2) Rtg:60 1st INTHEWAY 55.5kg 2nd CROWNING FORCE 54kg : Margin 0.001L Starting Price 2.40F
2100M Cl3 $25000 Matthew Paget (8) Rtg:62 1st ZEAGLE EAGLE (NZ) 55.5kg 2nd KADAZAN 54.5kg : Margin 0.077L Starting Price 9.50
1800M Cl4 3Up $25000 ($500) Jim Cassidy (9) Rtg:63 1st SWAT 56kg 2nd MEAN BEANS 53.5kg : Margin 0.045L 6th at 800m, 9th at 400m, Starting Price 17
1900M Cl3 3Up $25000 ($500) Jim Cassidy (7) Rtg:64 1st SWAT 58kg 2nd ROYAL STASH 57kg : Margin 0.013L 2nd at 800m, 2nd at 400m, Starting Price 7
1700M Cl3 $7000 ($700) Matthew Paget (5) Rtg:64 1st WATERFORD JACK 57.5kg 2nd SHARDUL 54.5kg : Margin 0.023L Starting Price 4.60
1400M 0 - 78 $11000 ($550) Matthew Paget (6) Rtg:65 1st PICTURE SHOW 56kg 2nd RIG'S DUKE 53kg : Margin 0.023L Starting Price 8
1200M Cl3 $7000 ($1400) Matthew Paget (3) Rtg:64 1st KHARGOSH 54kg 2nd INTHEWAY 58kg : Margin 0.002L Starting Price 4
Spell 19 weeks
2000M Cl3 3Up $60000 Andrew Gibbons (2) Rtg:66 1st VIVA CARO 53kg 2nd STREAMLINE 55.5kg : Margin 0.026L 9th at 800m, 10th at 400m, Starting Price 18
1900M Cl3 3Up $22000 ($880) Andrew Gibbons (7) Rtg:66 1st JUST GRAND 56.5kg 2nd STREAMLINE 56kg : Margin 0.004L 3rd at 800m, 3rd at 400m, Starting Price 17
1800M Cl2 $10000 ($6500) Andrew Gibbons (1) Rtg:62 1st INTHEWAY 57.5kg 2nd POWERED BY DANE 56kg : Margin 0.01L Starting Price 3.60F
1400M Cl2 $17000 Andrew Gibbons (17) Rtg:63 1st MAISON DUPUY (NZ) 54.5kg 2nd ON THE MAP (NZ) 53.5kg : Margin 0.022L Starting Price 71
1400M Cl1 $8000 ($5200) Peter Graham (7) Rtg:59 1st INTHEWAY 57.5kg 2nd CROWNING FORCE 54.5kg : Margin 0.004L Starting Price 3.40F
1206M CL1 $6100 P Graham (2) 1st FINAL VISION 54kg 2nd PROSCIUTTO 54kg : 1-19.87, Margin 6.2L Starting Price $8
Spell 17 weeks
1400M CL2 $7000 ($1400) J Parr (a) (7) 1st OUR MISTAKE 57.5kg 2nd INTHEWAY 55.5kg : 1-25.13, Margin 3 Len Starting Price $9
Let up 5 weeks
1400M MDN-SW $7000 ($9550) J Parr (a) (3) 1st INTHEWAY 57kg 2nd WHEN WE'RE FLYING 55kg : 1-26.5, Margin 1 1/4 len Starting Price $5
1100M MDN-SW $6000 A Gibbons (10) 1st DALFRED 57kg 2nd MAGIC VALE 57.5kg : 1-6.9, Margin 2.2L Starting Price $26
Spell 24 weeks
1212M MDN $7000 A G Robinson (12) 1st SOUTHERN DRAKE 55kg 2nd SUPERFICIAL 58kg : 1-14.23, Margin 3.1L Starting Price $21

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