Last Starts

1300M MDN-SW $15000 ($1425) Damien Robinson (1) 1st JADE MOUNTAIN 59kg 2nd TARA BRAVE 59kg : 1-19.16, Margin Long Nk Starting Price $3.20F
Let up 7 weeks
1300M MDN-SW $10000 ($2000) Ms Priscilla Schmidt (1) 1st HEAD HIGH 57kg 2nd GRABTHEMONEY'N'RUN 55kg : Margin 0.033L 6th at 800m, 4th at 400m, Starting Price $3.50
1700M MDN $10000 Patrick Holmes (6) 1st IVAN'S CHOICE 58.5kg 2nd DEVIOUS MAN 56kg : Margin 0.066L 6th at 1200m, 2nd at 800m, 2nd at 400m, Starting Price $6.50
1350M MDN-SW $15000 Patrick Keane (3) 1st BURN SO BRIGHT 57kg 2nd IVAN'S CHOICE 57.5kg : Margin 0.051L 12th at 800m, 10th at 400m, Starting Price $13
1350M 3Y MDN-SW 3 $10000 Ms Skye Bogenhuber (5) 1st NEOMAGIC 57kg 2nd MR SCARY 57kg : Margin 0.035L 12th at 800m, 7th at 400m, Starting Price $6
1200M F&M MDN FM $10000 ($2000) Ms Skye Bogenhuber (5) 1st SINGLE IN LONDON 57.5kg 2nd GRABTHEMONEY'N'RUN 58.5kg : Margin 0.008L 8th at 800m, 8th at 400m, Starting Price $2.70F
Freshened 10 weeks
1500M MDN $13000 Scott Galloway (9) 1st CAPTAIN FASTBUCK 54.5kg 2nd GO JOHNNIE GO 57.5kg : Margin 0.02L 8th at 1200m, 9th at 800m, 9th at 400m, Starting Price $8
1200M F&M MDN-SW 3U FM $10000 ($1000) Jason Warrington (7) 1st EGYPTIAN TOMB 57kg 2nd FAIRY GREEN 56kg : Margin 0.014L 8th at 800m, 8th at 400m, Starting Price $3.80
1000M MDN-SW $10000 ($1000) Jason Warrington (8) 1st BARBASCO 57.5kg 2nd SWEET TABOO 54.5kg : Margin 0.043L 9th at 800m, 8th at 400m, Starting Price $5.50
Let up 5 weeks
1200M F&M MDN FM $10000 Jason Warrington (5) 1st TULLY BOLERO 54kg 2nd LIBERTY QUEST 57.5kg : Margin 0.028L 4th at 800m, 5th at 400m, Starting Price $4.60

Horse Details

Sire:Break the Vault
Trainer:Roger Milne
Owners:G P Wagner

Horse Rating

Horses Career Summary

Last Update:20/07/2012 2:26:38 PM
Last Starts:335x258923
Form Summary:
Career:11-0-2-3 $8500.00
Good:5-0-2-1 $5500.00
Dead:1-0-0-1 $1000.00
Slow:4-0-0-1 $2000.00
Wet:5-0-0-1 $2000.00
Non-Wet:6-0-2-2 $6500.00
Season:11-0-2-3 $8500.00
1st-Up:2-0-1-0 $2500.00

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Pedigree Report

Inglis (Campaign 2 - Ready to Run) 22 June 16