Last Starts

1600M CL4 $10000 ($500) Mark Elliott (4) Rtg:51 1st HITTAMAHOTTAMUS 56kg 2nd CARBINCONI 60kg : Margin 0.058L Starting Price $3F
1460M CL2 $6000 ($600) Mark Elliott (1) Rtg:51 1st WHY NOT NOW 55kg 2nd STAKHANOV 59.5kg : Margin 0.026L Starting Price $4.20
1400M CL3 $7500 ($750) Mark Elliott (7) Rtg:51 1st BLAST OUT OF HERE 58kg 2nd STAKHANOV 57kg : Margin 0.025L Starting Price $17
1200M CL4 $7000 Emma Ljung (1) Rtg:53 1st BROKE BUT LUCKY 58.5kg 2nd CAPITAL FLOW 55kg : Margin 0.028L Starting Price $6
Let up 5 weeks
1180M CL4 $6000 Stanley Watkin (7) Rtg:53 1st SMUTTY JOHNS 59kg 2nd GALLANT HAWK 57.5kg : Margin 0.036L Starting Price $11
Let up 7 weeks
1400M CL3-SW $15000 Mark Elliott (9) Rtg:55 1st IMMORTAL IMAGE 57.5kg 2nd CHRISTMAS ISLAND 59kg : Margin 0.071L 7th at 800m, 7th at 400m, Starting Price $26
1300M CL1 $7500 ($4875) Mark Elliott (6) Rtg:52 1st BRANDY BEAU 54.5kg 2nd STAUNCH NORTH 55kg : 01:18.090, Margin 0.00L Starting Price $6EF
1280M CLB $7700 ($750) David J Simmons (2) Rtg:51 1st SAVAGE HEART 59kg 2nd MISS PARMA 57.5kg : Margin 0.004L Starting Price $21
1400M CL1 $12000 Ms Trinity Bannon (4) Rtg:52 1st IMMORTAL IMAGE 57kg 2nd MISHANI ACE 57.5kg : Margin 0.043L 4th at 800m, 4th at 400m, Starting Price $26
1300M CL1 $10000 Anthony Pattillo (3) Rtg:54 1st CHEEKY BOOTS 55kg 2nd ARMY OF ONE 55.5kg : Margin 0.11L 9th at 800m, 9th at 400m, Starting Price $8
1000M CLB $7500 Anthony Merritt (1) Rtg:55 1st RAMPAGING RULER 56kg 2nd MIO MONDO 58kg : Margin 0.04L Starting Price $6
Spell 26 weeks
1400M CL1 $10000 Greg Cullen (12) Rtg:57 1st SAINT LENNY 57kg 2nd STRUCKBYLIGHTNING 58.5kg : Margin 0.086L 9th at 800m, 10th at 400m, Starting Price $14
Let up 7 weeks
1400M CL1 $10000 ($1000) Adrian Coome (12) Rtg:59 1st WATTLE BRAVE 54.5kg 2nd JANAMAZ 55.5kg : Margin 0.021L Starting Price $4.60
1400M CL1 $15000 ($750) Mark Elliott (12) Rtg:60 1st DIVINE LUCK 58.5kg 2nd MAJOR ROCKETMAN 56kg : Margin 0.034L 8th at 800m, 8th at 400m, Starting Price $5
1300M MDN $12000 ($7800) Mark Elliott (9) 1st BRANDY BEAU 58kg 2nd JANAMAZ 55.5kg : 01:18.180, Margin 0.00L 7th at 800m, 7th at 400m, Starting Price $7
Freshened 8 weeks
1600M MDN $10000 Grant Buckley (8) 1st NEVER SHOUT NEVER 58kg 2nd SEA WIND 58kg : 1-36.91, Margin 0.037L Starting Price $10.00
1400M MDN $10000 Grant Buckley (3) 1st BAG OF NICKELS (NZ) 56kg 2nd VEGASHEREWECOME 58kg : 1-24.30, Margin 0.07L Starting Price $7.50
1600M MDN $14000 Grant Buckley (0) 1st OUR SPHINX 58kg 2nd ONYAJET 58kg : 1-40.92, Margin 0L Starting Price NA
1300M CG&E MDN EC $10000 ($500) Grant Buckley (2) 1st GOTADOLLAR 55.5kg 2nd MASSARDE 57.5kg : 1-18.54, Margin 0.003L Starting Price $7.00

Horse Details

Sire:Testa Rossa
Dam:Hennessy Belle
Trainer:Ben Williams
Owners:G Harvey

Horse Rating

Horses Career Summary

Last Update:23/06/2011 12:33:40 PM
Last Starts:48
Form Summary:
Career:2-0-0-0 $500.00
Good:2-0-0-0 $500.00
Non-Wet:2-0-0-0 $500.00
Season:2-0-0-0 $500.00
1st-Up:1-0-0-0 $500.00

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Pedigree Report

Inglis (Campaign 2 - Ready to Run) 22 June 16